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SunTouch Controls and Thermostats

All Controls and Thermostats Are In Stock

Floor temperature sensing thermostats are required to turn your system on and off, and to regulate the floor temperature. All of the controls we offer have built in GFCI protection for your safety.

SunTouch Thermostat

Programmable Controls have a timer with temperature functions. You can program floor warming times for each day of the week, or you can simply program the settings to be the same every day. Further, you have the ability to program the desired temperature in conjunction with the on and off times that you have set.

All programmable controls have an LCD display and can be used in a “Manual” mode to raise or lower the temperature without programming. Basic controls are not programmable, and have an LCD display or a dial for temperature adjustments (a floor sensor is installed within the floor during installation of the Floor Heating).

Regulators do not use a floor sensor and have a simple dial to regulate the amount of electricity that flows to the heat elements (much like a dimmer switch works on your lights).

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A Digital Ohm Meter is REQUIRED for installation of ALL Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems. If you don’t have one and can’t borrow one, we offer a light duty model for your convenience at a low price.

The LoudMouth is an audible warning device to alert you to a damaged wire during installation. It does not replace an ohm meter; it is simply another tool that many contractors consider “peace of mind”

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