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Why SunTouch®

Experience SunTouch Floor Heating Mats

Electric Radiant Heat Makes Your Floors Warm

SunTouch Floor Warming Mats from us heats your home from the ground up. Enjoy warmer floors with SunTouch mats. Electric Floor Warming is affordable, safe and comfortable.



Once you experience warm floors, you won't want anything else.

Our Energy Efficient thermostatic controls enable you to program a set schedule for your SunTouch Mats so that they turn on and off automatically, on the schedule that you want. Naturally, you don't have to program your floor mats and you can manually change the temperature or turn them ON or OFF whenever you wish.

Control the Costs of Your Energy Usage

You'll have control over the floor heating system by using our top of the line thermostats and controls, all in stock and ready for delivery by Warm You Floor.

"How much electricity does SunTouch electric radiant floor heating use?"

You can warm your floors for just pennies a day! On average, you can heat a 30 Sq Ft area for several hours for about 25 cents a day.

Calculate how much your warm floors will cost by using the "Free Project Estimator" on the right side of this page.

SunTouch Means Solutions

Finally, a solution to cold tile, wood or stone floors. SunTouch is the simple, safe and efficient way to warm your floors. In the past, complex mechanical systems were required for installation, and there multiple steps involved in the installation process. SunTouch has changed that! SunTouch Floor Warming Mats install in ONE STEP with thin set mortar, right under the tile.

It's All in the Design

Because SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating Mats use a special twisted twin wire design, it registers zero EMF when measured at the floor.

SunTouch mats were the first with this patented innovation!

What is SunTouch?

SunTouch is the brand name for electric tile warming mats that install in thin set masonry or a mud bed to warm tile and stone floors. Want a comfortable and warm floor - Read on!

1. Roll out SunTouch Mats
2. Make your turns
3. Attach mats to the subfloor and set your tile.
4. Only 1 layer of thinset required!
5. Enjoy the cozy comfort that floor warming provides!

SunTouch will warm your floor whether:

  •'s tile, stone, carpet or just about anything else!
  •'s installed in kitchens, bathrooms, master baths or your whole house!
  • ...the area you want to cover is of any size and layout!

When encased in masonry, these Electric Radiant Heat Mats will also warm Laminate, Hardwood , Carpet and Vinyl floors.

SunTouch Mats from Us = The Complete Solution!



About SunTouch

SunTouch is the North American Leader in electric underfloor heating

It's also the brand name for the Electric Radiant Floor Heat systems manufactured by Watts Radiant in Springfield , MO , U.S.A. In-house Manufacturing allows tight Quality Control - It's all under one roof at SunTouch!

Watts is a $1.4 Billion Company with over a 135 year history in the USA; Watts has manufactured safety devices for heating since 1874. You can purchase with confidence - Watts Radiant is committed to Radiant Floor Heat and has been for a long time! Our company slogan is "Watts makes it safe" and this priority is evident in the engineering and assembly of SunTouch’s floor warming system and products.


Here's our NEW 142,000 Sq Foot Factory

Browse our site to learn more about Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems. SunTouch Electric Radiant Heat Mats are made in America , by Americans for American Homes. Many other products are manufactured overseas, and some companies don't even tell you where, attempting to pass themselves off as manufacturers. Don't send your Money off-shore - keep it here in America !

You will love warm tile floors wherever you put them - in baths, atriums, showers, gyms, or entries, your floor will be more comfortable, dryer and safer to walk on. We offer you more sizes and more solutions for radiant heated floors than any company; additionally, we have the controls, software, code listings and engineering to make your radiant floor heating project a safe success.

Our sole focus is Electric Radiant Floor Heat. But our competitors make floor heating systems as a side-line to their blanket business - there's a BIG DIFFERENCE between an electric blanket for your bed and a SunTouch Floor Warming Mat that is an underfloor heating installation.

Please compare the SunTouch Wire Construction to the competition - you'll find compelling reasons to buy SunTouch electric radiant heat mats from us. Wire Construction is what matters MOST; If the electric radiant heat cable is well insulated, protected against job-site abuse, and covered with the water-proof material PEX & Tefzel from Dupont (NOT nylon, or PVC or other inferior plastics) Like SunTouch Mats, it will last a LONG TIME.

Safety is the most important issue - Look for a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Listing - ALL SunTouch Floor Heat Systems Have this listing. See the UL Listing You'll see Watts actually manufactures SunTouch products - unlike others who just re-package someone else's imported product, from countries like India or South Africa .

The SunTouch Mat System can even be installed in the shower floor and seat! No one else makes an electric under floor heating system safe enough to install in a shower, per the UL. Plus, you're also protected by Thermostat Controls that have built-in GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) for your protection. All the controls we sell are GFCI protected, because we want you to be safe; other Radiant Companies don't think this is important, since several sell Non-GFCI controls.

SunTouch electrical underfloor heating is also Tested by Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and SunTouch mats have been tested installed in a tile floor and COMPLY with ASTM C 627, officially known as “EVALUATING CERAMIC FLOOR TILE INSTALLATION SYSTEMS USING THE ROBINSON-TYPE FLOOR TESTER”. Whew, that is a mouthful - that's how durable SunTouch is. SunTouch's Industry Best 25 year warranty is even transferable with your home - what a selling feature for your home's buyers!

SunTouch Floor heating mats also are the safest in regards to Electo Magentic Field, with a virtually ZERO reading that has been INDEPENDENTLY tested and verified. Tested and found to have the LOWEST readings of any manufacturer. We don't just SAY we have low EMF - we back it up with test results, unlike our competition. See the ZERO EMF details here

SunTouch is the only Electric Radiant Floor Heat Manufacturer who offers a solution for ALL electric radiant under floor heating projects.

And, SunTouch offers an Industry Leading 25 Year Warranty on ALL products. It's even transferable!

SunTouch Mats are the Easiest and Safest electric radiant floor heat installation. 12 Watts per SF (40 BTUs per Hour per SF) and Quick & Easy installation make it the number 1 choice. The most Durable DUAL-wire construction and insulation is just one indication of the SunTouch Mat’s safety and design for longest life. Install SunTouch Mats on almost any subfloor – wood, concrete backer board, or concrete slab. UL listed and TCNA Tested for your safety.

UnderFloor by SunTouch is a problem solver! Have a Cold Floor already installed? No problem, if you have a crawl space or an unfinished room beneath, UnderFloor heating installation is easy and you can experience UnderFloor heat and find it very efficient. SunTouch electric under floor heating outputs about 34 BTUs SF/Hr and can warm tile by increasing the floor temperature up to 15 Degrees F. Warm up that cold tile, wood or carpet with UnderFloor Heat!

SunTouch WarmWire is an electric radiant heat cable. The innovative WarmWire floor heating cable system uses spools of individual wire cables to generate the floor heat for your Tile, Stone, or other Floor Covering. With 10 – 15 Watts per SF, and BTUs/SF/Hr of 34-51 WarmWire is the thinnest and best designed of all indoor electric radiant heat cables available, but not as easy to install as the SunTouch Mats. WarmWire has a single point connection, emits almost NO EMF (Electro Magnetic Field), and uses a braided Stainless Steel Armor surrounding the fully grounded heating elements. UL listed & the innovative WarmWire electric radiant heat cable Strap makes attachement to the floor and optimum spacing easy.

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Choosing Your SunTouch Mats

If you’re considering SunTouch mats, you may be wondering how to choose the right SunTouch mats for your home. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your new SunTouch mats:

What are my goals with a new heating system?

What are you looking for in a heating system? SunTouch mats offer many advantages over traditional heating systems, including cleaner air, quieter operation and possibly significant savings in energy costs. However, it's important to know what you're looking to upgrade and what you’re hoping to accomplish by switching to SunTouch mats.


SunTouch mats come in a variety of sizes for different uses. We are always available to help you determine which SunTouch solution is best for your home and your lifestyle.

What type of flooring materials do I have in my home?

SunTouch mats can be integrated into practically every flooring type. Tile and natural stone are the most common, but engineered wood flooring, floating laminate flooring and even vinyl are all possible.

We can answer any questions you may have regarding all SunTouch products. Click here for contact information.

Where do I want to install SunTouch mats in my home?

Many customers jump right in and install SunTouch mats in every room of their home. Some customers prefer to install their SunTouch mats in incremental steps, perhaps under their bathroom and living room floors at first, to how comfortable the heating system is. And they almost always come back for more.

No matter how you plan on installing your mats, it's important to do a walk-through of your home and consider all the places where SunTouch mats may be able to improve your comfort levels. Remember, SunTouch mats can be installed under many surfaces for increased comfort, such as your shower floors, or in your shower seat. Make sure to take advantage of all that SunTouch mats have to offer.



The Benefits of SunTouch Mats

SunTouch Floor Warming Mats are becoming increasingly more popular due to the many benefits that they provide. These are just a few of the reasons why people who have SunTouch mats are customers for life.


Room by Room Zoned Heating

SunTouch mats give you total control of the floor temperature settings in every room of your home, giving you flexibility and increased energy efficiency. No two rooms are alike, so why have only one, central source of heat? With SunTouch Mats, you can heat your bathroom in the morning for comfort and warmth as you and your family prepare for work and school. Conversely, you can enjoy monthly savings on your energy bill by not heating the living room or guest bedroom, during unnecessary periods of time. Flexibility to suit your life...that's the SunTouch difference.

Warmer Surfaces

SunTouch mats warm a lot more than just the floor of each room. SunTouch Mats also radiate heat to the wall, moldings and furnishings of each room, increasing efficiency and saving you money. You'll never have to arise from bed and step on to a cold floor again.

No Fuss, Low Maintenance

SunTouch mats work well not only with newer flooring materials, but with older flooring materials as well. SunTouch mats can be installed under practically every flooring type such as tile, carpet, hardwood and stone. Once your SunTouch mats are installed, you can relax and enjoy the comfort and warmth of your new floors. There are no ducts or radiators to clean, and no filters to replace. SunTouch Floor Warming Mats have set the standard for convenience, function and efficiency.


As the demand for energy increases worldwide through population growth and the emergence of developing nations, it has never been a more important time to make changes in personal energy consumption for the sake of the environment, and for the sake of your wallet. Radiant heat tends to be much more efficient than most heating systems, allowing customers to turn down their thermostats and save money.



Should You Get SunTouch Mats?

The decision to buy SunTouch mats is an easy choice. If you’re considering installing a radiant heating system in your home, consider the following questions:

Do I need better air quality in my home?

Heating is not just about making sure your home is warm and cozy — it can also affect the quality of air that you breathe. The environment in which you live can have a huge effect on your overall health and sense of well-being. Unfortunately, many heating systems fare poorly when it comes to air quality.


  • Forced air systems make use of HVAC vents, which provide an ideal environment for mold, bacteria, dust, allergens, and growth and accumulation of other toxins.
  • When a forced air heating system is turned on, allergens are spread throughout your home.
  • Radiators and baseboard heaters tend to overheat, burning the fibers, dust, and other toxins which gather on these appliances.

SunTouch mats, on the other hand, are installed under your floor and do not overheat. This helps ensure that they do not harbor any allergens and do not release any toxins into your environment.

Am I happy with my current heating system?

Unfortunately, many traditional heating systems leave cold spots, uneven heating or drafts in the home. This results in a home that is alternately too warm or too cool, or a home in which there are "warm spots" and "cool spots." If you’re having trouble finding a flexible system that heats every room to perfection, you may wish to consider SunTouch Floor Warming Mats.

Do I need to save money?

If you need a heating system that saves you money and doesn’t cost too much, SunTouch mats may be the solution for you. Here are some of savings you'll enjoy with SunTouch mats:

  • SunTouch mats cost far less than most heating systems to install for an additional area of zoned heat. Many homeowners can install part or all of the Suntouch mats system themselves.
  • SunTouch mats can save you money on your monthly energy costs. Turn down your thermostat and still enjoy warmth and comfort in your home



SunTouch Mats Installation Support

Installing Your SunTouch Heating System

Radiant Floor Heat is the most comfortable way to heat. Congratulations on making the decision to get the best heating system available for your home.



Installation Resources

Learn all about Electric Radiant Heat Mats from SunTouch by clicking on the links below. You can view, download or print the complete SunTouch Installation manuals, or just the pages you need for your installation project.

See SunTouch installation Videos Online

SunTouch Mats Installation Manual (Here you'll find the complete 20 plus page manual for SunTouch Mat installation. Instructions are available in PDF format for viewing, printing, or download.)

Read SunTouch Mats Frequently Asked Questions

Thermostat Control Support page

Troubleshooting SunTouch Mat Installations

If you are not qualified to do electrical installations, we recommend hiring a qualified, licensed electrician to connect the Mat and related electrical components. If you, or your electrician, have problems please read below for troubleshooting tips. Any troubleshooting work should be done with the power removed from the circuit, unless otherwise noted.

1. Mat resistance measurement is different from the UL label.

a) The meter must be able to read from 0 ohms to 1000 ohms.
b) Does the meter need to be calibrated?
c) Is the meter digital? If not, consider a digital meter. The readings will be more accurate.
d) Have you checked the batteries? Low batteries will give bad readings.

2. The control is not operating.

a) Check the Mat resistance with your digital ohm meter again.
b) Have you supplied Proper voltage to the control?
c) If using the SunStat, are the sensor wires connected to the control? 
d) Has the SunStat's GFCI circuit "tripped" indicating a possible wiring problem?

3. The Mat doesn't get warm.

a) Have you supplied Proper Voltage to the control? Check electrical schematics and control instruction.
b) Are the sensor wires connected to the SunStat control? Check electrical schematics and control instructions.
c) Use your digital ohm meter to confirm that the sensor wire, not the Mat, has a reading of 10,000 ohm (10K) at 70 degrees F.
d) Check the Mat resistance with your digital ohm meter again and compare to UL tag.
e) If using a wall outlet GFCI, read the instructions carefully to make sure the "line" (power supply) and "load" (Mat) are properly wired.
f) If using more than one Mat, make sure both are wired in parallel (white-to-white, black-to-black, ground-to-ground) and connected to the control properly

4. The ohm meter shows the Mat resistance is open or at infinity.

The Mat has been damaged and must not be energized. If the Mat has been damaged, stop immediately and look for the damaged area. If this damaged area cannot be found, take ohm readings between the black and white wires (Blue replaces White for 240v), black and ground wires, and white and ground wires and record these readings and contact the factory for assistance toll free 888-432-8932.

SunTouch 25-Year Warranty [PDF]



Suntouch Mats Can Save You Money

Suntouch mats can be one of the smartest investments you make in your home. In addition to the comfort and warmth that you'll have with your underfloor heating, Suntouch mats can increase the resale value of your home, lower your heating bills compared to other electric heating systems, and have virtually no future maintenance costs.


Traditional Heating Systems Lack Efficiency

Traditional heating systems can be highly ineffective and inefficient. Forced air heating systems, for example, heat the air in your home. As the air is heated, the hot air rises towards the ceiling. This means that most of your warm air is actually close to the ceiling, where it goes unused and unappreciated. This is hardly effective.

SunTouch mats, on the other hand, warm you from the ground up. SunTouch mats heat your floors, your furniture, you and your family and radiate warmth throughout your home in an efficient manner.

Consistent, Even Distribution of Heat

Many customers find that when they install SunTouch mats, they can lower their thermostat a few degrees and still enjoy exceptional comfort. Part of the secret is that SunTouch mats warm your feet first, and when your feet are warm you feel warmer all over. The heat emitted from the mats is distributed in an even, uniform manner.

Reduce Maintenance Costs with SunTouch Mats

With traditional forced air heating systems, there are many associated maintenance costs, such as having your air ducts cleaned or having your filter replaced. You simply don't have these additional costs when you have SunTouch mats. In fact, Suntouch mats come with a 25 year warranty, and have no maintenance requirements.



SunTouch Mats | No Vents & Less Dust

If you have dust in your home, you may have an invisible health hazard in your house. Researchers have linked dust to instances of childhood asthma, sinus troubles, respiratory ailments, and allergies. Dust can bring on asthma attacks or even create some of these ailments. Keeping your home free of dust isn’t just about cleaning and wiping down the counters. In many cases, traditional heating systems contribute to poor indoor air quality and an excess of dust in the home.


SunTouch Mats Don't Stir Up Dust

Tradition heating systems warm homes by forcing air through ducts and vents that lead to rooms throughout the home. Unfortunately, dust, germs, bacteria, mold and other allergens are emitted into the household environment with the forced air, posing a serious health risk to everyone in the home.

SunTouch floor warming mats, however, are installed underneath the floors, evenly radiating there soothing warmth while maintaining a cleaner and healthier home environment.



Custom Heating Solutions by SunTouch

If you're looking for a flexible heating system that will adapt to your schedule and lifestyle, then SunTouch Radiant Heat Floor Warming Mats are the solution for you. Many customers looking for an innovative and effective heating system often choose SunTouch because of it's flexibility and superior controls.


SunTouch Puts You in Control

Every room in a home serves a purpose different from the rest. Gone are the days of setting one temperature on one thermostat to heat your entire home. SunTouch Radiant Heat Floor Warming Mats give you the ability to adjust the temperature of each and every room individually, on an automated schedule that you program, or simply manually over ride as you see fit.

Enjoy the perfect level of comfort and warmth in every room.



Not Every Room in Your Home is the Same

Different Heat Settings for Different Rooms

The manufacturers of SunTouch Floor Warming Mats recognize that heating needs change from person to person and from room to room. SunTouch radiant heat mats are different from traditional heating systems because it's a tailored solution for your heating needs. SunTouch floor heating mats allow you to adjust the heat settings in your home room by room.


The Benefits of Room by Room Temperature Settings

Some rooms of the house, including sun-rooms and basements, tend to be cooler and damper than other areas of a home. In many cases, traditional heating systems — including baseboards, radiators, and furnaces — do not heat these rooms adequately. The result is that many people face mildew, mold, or rooms that simply cannot be used in the cold winter months.

SunTouch mats can change the way you live. Warm up and dry out your basement or sunroom, so that they can be enjoyed year-round as livable spaces. Gain control of every room in your home with SunTouch Floor Warming Mats.




Quality and History | The SunTouch Difference

In today's innovative world of technological advancements and increased competition on a global scale, consumers are flooded with products, gadgets and gimmicks. Companies come and go, as do the products that those companies sell. SunTouch's parent company Watts, however, has been manufacturing top of the line, quality products since 1874.


Located in Springfield, Missouri, Watts SunTouch is a New York Stock Exchange listed company that you can trust and depend on for generations to come.

SunTouch Quality | SunTouch Warranty

In addition to an industry best 25 year manufacturer's warranty, SunTouch floor warming products can be transferred to subsequent owners. Don't worry, SunTouch has you covered! See our floor heating product listing.



Radiant Floor Warming vs. Traditional Heating

Many people have questions about radiant floor warming heat products because the technology isn't as prevalent as traditional heating methods. Below are three of most common misconceptions that people have regarding radiant floor heating systems.

#1: "SunTouch mats are expensive."

The Truth: SunTouch mats are actually very affordable. In addition to the relatively inexpensive cost to purchase SunTouch mats, most customers enjoy the benefit of lower monthly energy costs and little to no maintenance for years to come. But what if there's a problem with my Suntouch Mats? SunTouch has you covered with a 25 year warranty that even transfers to subsequent owners in the event that you sell your property..


#2: "SunTouch mats are only for new construction."

The Truth: Today's leading architects and designers appreciate the benefits, the high level of quality and the comfort that SunTouch mats have to offer. SunTouch mats are becoming increasing more common in construction projects of all types, from new condo developments to high-end luxury homes. SunTouch, however, a company in existence since 1874, understands that not everything is new, and has made it simple to install floor warming mats in buildings of all ages, whether newly constructed or of historical significance.

#3: "SunTouch floor mats can't heat a home & can't be healthy"

The Truth: SunTouch mats offer a host of advantages in comparison to traditional heating systems. In addition to saving money, increasing energy efficiency in your home and having more space in your residence without the need for radiators, heating vents, or baseboard heaters you'll also enjoy the advantage of a greener, healthier heating alternative. In comparison to traditional heating methods, SunTouch mats offer the following benefits for a healthier home:

  • Zero EMF emissions
  • SunTouch does not blow air carrying dust
  • Reduction of mold, bacteria, and other allergens present in other heating systems.

Find out what our customers have to say about their Radiant floor installation in our Client Testimonials.



Choosing Your Thermostats and Controls

Thermostats and Controls Information Guide

We offer many thermostats and controls to accommodate all floor warming needs and applications. At our company, we have only the highest quality, safest products available. There are many cheap and questionable products on the market, like many offered by other floor warming suppliers, but we refuse to sell them. You deserve the best, so we only sell the best!


Choosing a Thermostat

All Thermostats are similar in size, approximately 4.5” tall x 3” wide and sit ON the wall and protrude about ¾”, except the Harmony which is larger and mounts flush within a 2-gang or larger box.

All of our thermostats and controls have BUILT-IN GFCI protection for your safety. Other retailers sell controls that do NOT offer this important protection! Be sure to choose controls for your floor heating system that are fully featured, economical, Safety rated and feature GFCI protection.

Types of Thermostats

  • Programmable Thermostats have a clock and timer features built in so you can set times for the floor to be on or off and ALSO set the temperature at those times you select. The programmable models also come with a Preset program already setup and require NO batteries; your settings are even remembered during a power outage. All Programmable models also allow a simple manual mode.
  • Non Programmable Dial Thermostats have a dial you turn to set the temperature of your floor – there are NO clock or timer functions on the DIAL controls. All changes to temperature are manual when you simply turn the dial. They also have an off/off switch.
  • Non Programmable Digital Display Thermostats Display the time and temperature with the use of buttons to make changes. On/Off switch and manual setback option included.
  • Regulators are used very infrequently, but are available by special order. Regulators do not have a temperature setting – they simply acts as a heavy duty GFCI protected Dimmer switch – you turn the dial to the right – more power makes the floor warmer, and to the left makes the floor less warm. The SunStat PRO have regulator functions built-in as an option.

It's important to choose a thermostat that is suitable for your application and is capable of performing any and all desired functions. Compare Thermostats in this chart [PDF], which summarizes the key features of each thermostat model to make selection easy.

Programmable Thermostats

SunStat PRO 500670

The SunStat PRO (500670) is the most fully featured, and most popular, thermostat offered. The sleek SunStat PRO is fully programmable, easy to use and attractive. The SunStat PRO is the ONLY floor heating thermostat that can integrate with All Home Automation Systems, and delivers the best value considering its many features.

SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions [PDF]

SunStat System Features and Information [PDF]

SunTouch SunStat Relays

Want to control Over 300 Sq Feet in 1 zone? Check out the SunTouch SunStat Relay!

The SunStat 500680 SubControl Relay is designed to control the voltage to either a 120VAC or 240VAC resistive floor warming system. The SunStat SubControl must be connected to a SunStat thermostat to operate.

500680 Instructions PDF Print, Read or save [PDF]

When using SubControls, you can control up to 15 Amps of Floor Heating per device by running low voltage wire from unit to unit, and ending at the SunStat PRO.

  • All SubControls connected to the same SunStat PRO run the same program as the PRO Thermostat acting as master.
  • Each SubControl requires its own circuit. The power line comes into the relay (LINE), and the floor heating connects to the LOAD side of the relay.

If you want to control zones using different temperatures or times, you need multiple SunStats.

Non-Programable Thermostat Controls

SunStat Non-Program 500675 [PDF]

SunTouch Basic Dial Control 500550-120 Instructions [PDF]

SunStat 500710 Non-Prog Dial Control


Older Model Thermostats

Need help Programming your older model 500650-xxx or NTG5xxx Thermostat?


Check out this interactive tutorial


Instrucciones en Espanol

SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions in Spanish [PDF]

SunStat 500710 Non-Prog Dial Control in Spanish [PDF]

SunStat Non-Program 500675 in Spanish [PDF]

SunStat PRO (500680) Instructions in Spanish [PDF]

Download: Ohm Meter Instructions [PDF]

Download: LoudMouth Instructions[PDF]



Insulation Cork for Concrete Slab Floors

Floor Heating Insulation

Q: Should you insulate between an existing concrete slab and your new SunTouch Electric Radiant Floor Heating System?

A: Many contractors and homeowners think so.


Insulation is not required, but many customers like to install a "thermal break" while installing their new floor heating system. Scientifically, heat always transfers from an object of a higher temperature to one of a lower temperature, and the same holds true regarding heat transfer in your home; warm objects and surfaces will transfer heat to the cooler objects and surfaces.

An insulating material on top of the slab and under the electric radiant floor heating elements will slow the transfer of heat from the heating elements into the slab, effectively decreasing the time it takes for your floor warming system to warm your floor.

Cork Insulating Underlayment

Cork Underlayment available through us is 1/4 inch thick (actually 6mm or .236 in.) and is manufactured by Amorim Industrial Solutions, the world's leading manufacturer in every cork product category.

Amorim Industrial Solutions has specially engineered the state of the art cork insulation AcoustiCORK R60, which provides thermal efficiency to most types of floors. AcoustiCORK R60 is particularly useful under floor heating systems as it increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption, saving you money on operating costs.

Unlike most of its synthetic alternatives, AcoustiCORK R60 insulating underlayment has the ability to keep its acoustic and thermal insulation performance over many years. The physical structure of our cork, with nearly 200 million completely sealed air filled cells per cubic inch, makes it a very effective insulating material. This same physical structure also provides R60 with the ability to be repeatedly compressed, yet recover nearly 100% of its original shape and size.

With an R-Value of 3.1 per inch, the cork acts as a "Thermal Break" and slows the heat transfer into a concrete slab sub floor when placed on top of the slab.

The floor heating elements are installed on top of the cork, and secured with tape or glue.

Cork underlayment also functions as a crack suppression membrane. Acousticork R60 is the economic and effective solution for stress crack prevention under ceramic tiles and hardwood floors. Quality cork underlayment sheets, like our product from the industry leader Amorim, have been tested extensively for use under tile installations.

Acousticork R60 is often used as a sound insulator in multi-story condominium buildings, too.

Amorim's Acousticork R60 cannot be compared with most other cork products on the market. Our Cork is manufactured using a special process which provides the cork with unique features. Millions of square feet of AcoustiCORKTM have been successfully installed under a wide variety of finished flooring materials in projects throughout the world.

This is NOT like bulletin board cork - this is an engineered cork product made specifically for the Tile Industry. The high compression ratio of our cork prevents cracking of tile and grout.

The Tile Council of North America lists cork in their installer guides.


Due to its resiliency and high tensile strength, R60 provides stress crack protection from existing and future sub-floor stress cracks.

Ease of Installation

R60, available in rolls or sheets, is quickly and efficiently applied between the sub-floor and finished flooring. No mixing, no mess, no costly "down time." With the R60, there’s no need for a backerboard under ceramic tile or marble, to achieve sound reduction.

Low Profile

For sound control, the R60’s low height requirements and light weight make it ideal for new buildings, and for the remodeling of older condos with newer sound rating requirements. Easy to carry and handle too!


R60s fine reputation is based on the unique advantages mentioned above, and its low cost. The material itself is very inexpensive in comparison to other products used for the same purpose. The flooring can be installed directly on to the R60 shortly after it has been adhered to the sub-floor. There's no added labor, material or down time - all of which equals big savings!

Proven Track Record

Amorim has been producing cork products since 1870. Amorim products were introduced as early as 1979 for use in applications under ceramic tiles and marble. In contrast to other products available on the market and other sound control methods available for similar applications, Amorim has a proven track record with flawless results. Furthermore, its practical success is supported by grueling laboratory tests.

Click Here for PDF Cork Installation Details...

Click Here to Purchase...

Products NOT Recommended For Use with Floor Warming Systems Include the Following:
  • Metal / Foil - If these materials are placed in direct contact with electric floor heating, your floor heating system will be less effective. Reflective insulation requires an air space to be effective. - NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • Foam Insulating Boards - Unless specifically recommended by the foam board manufacturer that the material be in direct contact with a heating wire between 130 and 150 Degrees F AND with the compressive strength necessary to pass Robinson Floor Tests, this should not be used. Most foam products will not work under tile. - NOT RECOMMENDED

If you choose an insulating material for installation under your floor covering, it is ESSENTIAL that you verify that the material is approved for use:

  • ...with your chosen floor covering, installation method and material.
  • ...with the electric radiant floor heating system you have chosen for installation in the floor.

Before installing insulation with a floor warming system, make sure the following questions are answered with a "yes."

  • Has the product been tested or evaluated by an industry-associated organization, like the Tile Council of North America, for use with your flooring material andyour chosen electric radiant floor heating system?
  • Has the insulating material passed the Robinson Floor Test for use under tile or stone?
We are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding insulation, or any other floor warming system need.



Designing Your Floor Warming System

Need Help choosing which MATS will fit your room?

We can make it easy. Take advantage of our FREE design services.


Send us your sketch; it does not have to be elaborate - it just has to have all the measurements of the room. Here's an example of a drawing we received recently, on a paper plate!


e-mail to 

Prepare your Drawing

  1. Sketch the shape of the room.
  2. Using your thermostat location as a starting point, begin measuring the complete inside perimeter of the room at floor level finishing at the same location
  3. Write in ALL measurements around the whole room.
  4. Locate toilet, bidet, vanities, make-up knee space, vents, drains, etc. (if applicable)
  5. Please indicate the proposed thermostat location with a "T". 
  6. Fax or Email your sketch to us, and include your contact information for a prompt and no obligation quote.



Thermostat Support for SunTouch Mats

Thermostat Installation and Programming instructions for Our Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems are below. All the thermostats we offer have GFCI protection built-in for your Safety. Look for these safety features in ANY control you consider:

  • GFCI protection that is CLASS A - 5 milli amp trip
  • Check the manufacturer - Is the Thermostat made FOR them or BY them
  • Where is the T-stat Manufactured? Most Honeywell Thermostats sold by others are manufactured in China and have had higher failure rates in our 7 years experience.
  • Is the T-stat Listed to UL Standards by CSA or ETL ?


Programmable Floor Heating Thermostats Instructions for viewing, download, or printing.


SunStat PRO 500670 (Our Most popular Thermostat)

The SunStat PRO is fully programmable, easy to program and attractive.

Download : SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions [PDF]

Download : SunStat System Features and Information [PDF]

This control is our top selling model. The most features designed and built by Suntouch in their own factory.

SunTouch Thermostats


Floor Stat Thermostat

Download : SunTouch Floor Stat 120v Basic Control Thermostat GFCI with Dial - No Prog 500550-120c Instructions [PDF]


SunStat Sub Control Relay

Download : SunStat Sub Control 500680 Instructions [PDF]



SunTouch SunStat Non Programmable Thermostat

This New LCD display control is the Non-programmable version of the SunStat PRO and was introduced in Sept. 2007.

Download: SunTouch SunStat PRO 500675 NON Programmable Thermostat 120/240v in one T-stat [PDF]


Non Programmable Floor Heating Thermostats

Download: SunTouch 500550-120 Dial NON Programmable Thermostat [PDF]

Discontinued Models

Download: SunStat 500700-120 Dial NON Programmable Thermostat [PDF]

Download: 2007-2009 SunTouch 500650-120/240 AKA Nuheat NTG-5110,220 Thermostat (Programmable) Instructions [PDF]

This Thermostat has been discontinued by SunTouch. This T-stat was manufactured by Aube in China for several floor heating manufacturers.

2006 & Before

Download: SunTouch Prog Thermostat 500650-120/240 [PDF]

Download: SunTouch SunStat 500700-120 Large Dial (Non-programmable) Instructions [PDF]

Instrucciones en Espanol

Transferencia directa : SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions in Spanish [PDF]

Transferencia directa : SunStat 500710 Non-Prog Dial Control in Spanish [PDF]

Transferencia directa : SunStat Non-Program 500675 in Spanish [PDF]

Transferencia directa : SunStat PRO (500680) Instructions in Spanish [PDF]




EMF Canceling Technology

The EMF Issue

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) come from all electrical appliances, but studies show an average American's daily exposure is less than 1 unit (mG) of EMF. When you sit on an unshielded electric radiant floor, you may be exposed to 20, 40, or more times the average daily exposure. Shockingly, some electric floor heating products expose homeowners to about the same electromagnetic field radiation as if you put your face directly against the door of a microwave oven, and left it there. - But not SunTouch, the leaders in EMF-Canceling Technology.



Know Your Exposure

Today, there is only one scientific and independent third party test to measure electromagnetic fields produced by electric radiant floor heating systems, known as "REET" or Radiant Electric Emissions Test. Watts Radiant and the ETL Semko division of Intertek, the global leader in the testing, inspection, and certification of products for manufacturers, developed REET. Unlike unverifiable claims made by some companies, the REET test measures each company's electric heated floor products according to standard procedures.

REET Test Procedures for Warming Floors

The REET test procedures specify twenty standard points of measurement across a four foot by four foot area of warm tile floor. Unlike some companies that measure EMF two or three feet above the floor, ETL makes each measurement at an exact height of 1/2" above the electric cable or mats. Those point measurements are averaged together to yield an average radiation value for each product for both electric and magnetic field radiation. Calibrated, laboratory grade test equipment is defined in the REET procedures and used by ETL Semco technicians to conduct these tests. Health care concerns have focused on the magnetic, or H-field, measured in milligaus or mG.

Watts Radiant and the ETL Semko division of Intertek, the global leader in the testing, inspection, and certification of products for manufacturers used REET to test Watts Radiant products and those of competitors. The first series of test results for Watts Radiant electric radiant floor heating products and for other manufacturers showed a startling variation in H-field exposure. In one notable head-to-head comparison of electric mats of similar size and amp rating, a competitive product emitted over 700 times the H-field radiation of the Watts Radiant mat.

The Difference is in the Wire Construction


There is no practical technology for passively shielding a heating element to virtually eliminate H-field EMF. The only effective approach is "active shielding". This means canceling the H-field of one heating element with the H-field of another parallel element. SunTouch Floor Heating Mats innovated this approach with a complex wire made using two insulated heating wires and running them in parallel with a patented helical twist.

Dual Heating Wires, individually insulated with ETFE, strengthened with Aramid Fiber, surrounded with a metal mesh braid that grounds the mat end-to-end and finally covered with PEX a water proof and extremely durable material (Blue). The construction of SunTouch mats is unequalled.

The prestigious ETL Semko Laboratory (ETL was founded by Thomas Edison in 1904) recently tested Watts Radiant's SunTouch floor warming product along with four competing products according to the rigorously defined REET procedures. Each heating product covered about 35-40 square feet, which is the most common coverage for residential bathroom installations. The results are clear and speak for themselves:


If you are concerned about EMF exposure, insist that any electrical floor warming products be tested by ETL Semko, and that the true EMF output, according to the REET test, be published and made available to you

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