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What You Need To Know When Buying SunTouch Mats

SunTouch Floor Heating Systems provide soothing warmth to most floor surfaces including tile, stone, marble, granite, slate, laminates, engineered wood, and carpet floors.

SunTouch becomes part of your floor and is secured and covered with mortar to ensure a safe, invisible, durable and long lived installation.

How to Get Expert Help

If you want our experts to help you simply send us a floor plan or sketch of your room. Choose the best radiant heating solution. If your room is:

  • Any Shape Square or rectangular - SunTouch standard mats in 3 widths work ideally in most room layouts. Our electric floor heating system can use one or a combination of in floor heating mats to deliver under floor heat for the entire room.

    SunTouch radiant heat mats come in many different standard sizes and are available in both 120 & 240 volt formats. No Need to wait for a custom plan from us – we likely have the perfect mat ready to ship today.

  • An Irregular room shape with curves, angles or offsets – SunTouch Mats let you customize on site so your floor is completely heated.

  • Shower Floor or Wet Area – SunTouch works here too. Use the same or a separate mat for the main bath floor and shower floor – don’t forget the seat or tub deck!

  • SunTouch thermostats sense the floor and air temperature. All have built-in GFCI for safety, 2 and 3 year warrantees, and are the most feature-rich and stylish. Choose a SunTouch SunStat Pro - Our most popular thermostat.

  • Replace Baseboard Heaters with floor heatSunTouch is invisible under floor heating and is silent, maintenance free and safe. Most baseboard heaters produce 15% less heat than SunTouch’s 41 BTUs/SF